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The main causes of chronic perihepatitis are great and protracted
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The exciting causes of acute tonsillitis are most commonly the follow-
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of value as vermifuges may be mentioned kamala (1 to 3 drams — 4.0—
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intermittent, and normal urine may be passed for many weeks before
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physical prostration. The spleen is enlarged, and angina and hemor-
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Did space permit it would be most interesting to follow the evolution-
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posture during the examination. In palpating the solid organs (liver,
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normal position. Luschka explains the radiation of pain to the right
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these alterations are artificial or an actual part of the disease. The pe-
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may be mentioned traumatism and the infectious diseases — erysipelas,
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ningeal bleeding, tumor, gliosis (either hypertrophic or atrophic), and
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importance, and are in no wise comparable in their beneficial efi'ects to
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tional or not, would naturally deprive all the men patients in the
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toms, as pain, dyspnea, aphonia, cough (either laryngeal or bronchial),
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Pathology. — The cord may present little or no change to the naked
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in the side of the neck has been observed. As the tumor enlarges it
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experiments and conclusions are original, and have been the means of doing much good." —
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likely to be mistaken for carcinoma of the liver may be mentioned —
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may aggravate it, and, though not a trustworthy guide, we may often de-
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from the inhalation of irritants (physical, chemical, or biological). It
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(1) albuminuric, (2) syphilitic, and (3) pigmentary.
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ble relation between gastric ulcer and gastric carcinoma. Schmidt also
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is a pessary there. Possibly we have been negligent in the past
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The diagnosis is made with ease if the disease be prevailing at the
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specific, causative, agent. The diplococcus pneumoniae, the streptro-
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this with podophyllin and belladonna. I have never seen good results
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Physical Signs. — On inspection we usually note undue enlargement
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about the appendix. Many of these patients recover, in the