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Accreditation Brigade Guarding

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In this hope he was not disappointed, having devised a remedy, the success

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density, and tlie cranium somewhat thicker than usual. The stomach and

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crosed particles. As long as»any remain, hyperemia persists

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the better. The word "stigmatized" has been used in this dis-

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have a good account occurred in the town of Brunn, in

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when I saw him, the congestion appeared about as great

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were naked ; and the more exactly the limb is embraced, the more efficiently

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Incipient Consumptives will be cared for in a home erected

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This latter case varies in some respects from, the course of the disease

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saved. The circumstances coanected with this case, so far as they go, are

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Cours de Medecine Clinique oii sont exposes les principes de la Medecine

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Acromegaly Treated with PItnitary Body. Sydney Kub, Chicago.

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nerve to the brain, but in its passage affects the ophthalmic ganglion seated

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flushed; expression anxious; moans at times; no appetite; thirst; cough

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while it is possible to mistake the one for the other, at

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We are not yet prepared to say that mountain fever is

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dura) and separated it from the tumour to a considerable extent. I then

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he does not know what they mean. An analogous case would

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hypospadias is merely an arrest of development and the

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1. The discussion and report will be found In Ths Joubnal

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the dust and smoke of cities; and the form that expanded in the wide soli-

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Another point is : if the car has to leave its own terri-

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general effects on the respiratory function have been known, have not been

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man about the eighth year, and become more and more numer-

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probably congenital in history. This looping up of the

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street, who had attended the patient, introduced me to him, and gave me the

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the difierent countries implicated in the enquiry."

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plished. I therefore secured from a dentist a sheet of

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be assayed by official processes given for that purpose. Chem-

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and a half of the rectum were lacerated. I visited the patient on the follow-

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The articles are six in number, — 1. Introductory Statement. 2. Review

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