Customised Security Solutions
Customised Security Solutions

Brigade Guarding

Brigade Guarding

Customised Solutions

Brigade GuardingYou can be sure that once a site survey has been conducted at your premises, the proposal document furnished to you will have covered all the salient points in meeting the pre-agreed objectives.

This reference manual with all its content will, in effect, form a contract between both parties clearly stating the nature of the pre contractual obligations and indicating the precise manner in which Brigade will discharge its security commitment to your organisation.

There is never one standard solution for a clients needs. Whilst an a array of devices such as alarms, access control, closed circuit television, may prove worthwhile, they will only prove to be effective deterrents when applied with skill and experience. Our continued success has been based on the close relationship we maintain with our clients.

Customised Security SolutionsThrough an ongoing exchange of ideas and information we monitor the progress of the security solution ensuring at all times that the solution adapts to any changes you may wish to implement within your organisation. Your imput is essential when planning the execution of a security strategy, particularly when considering such issues as health and safety and fire safety.

Our commitment is to regularly and unobtrusively audit our tailor made solution in order that we adhere to our best practice policy.

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