Accreditation Brigade Guarding

Accreditation Brigade Guarding

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lowed by an exacerbation of temperature, with left-sided pleurisy and tedious

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ribbed nails, and other symptoms of that peculiar constitutional

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of this group method of study for the last quarter of a century

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does.) Although the function of all the vascular glands may be

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In cardiac affections accompanied by sleeplessness opium stands out

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right. He past points outward one foot with each hand spon-

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Position of the Patient for Gale Bladder Operation. To

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fore, well afford to be more temperate in his exultation and more tolerant

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Kissell, Base Hospital, Mineola, Drs. William H. Ran-

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as the result of heredity coming from the mother are quite

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Past History: Patient was in this hospital for hemorrhoids fif-

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was opened, a laceration of the anterior uterine wall four inches long was

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to see a large irregular fragment of hog-bone impacted in the oesophagus of a

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time when a girPs increase of weight is coming down, and her

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Present Illness : About the end of January, 1918, the patient complained

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thus, I probably reflect the experience of the bulk of ordinary prac-

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struck a sharp blow with a wet towel. When his face was ex-

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the soft sore. I do not believe it can occur.' Well, there is

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same position as the one here reported, except that it was on the right

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from whence cometh my help." It is, therefore, desirable when cir-

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it did not seem to involve the contiguous lymphatic system. In both of

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she had very marked symptoms of chlorosis ; her mental condition im-

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the Plasmodium be in the intestine alone we fail to see how any

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cases is very large and apparantly on the increase, any method

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the crucial point in the whole scheme. Avowedly the plan is

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trembling is not easily confounded with chorea when it is known that

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3oard of Narcotic Control. This year there were some difficulties

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Dr. Coley had operated upon a left-side hernia which con-

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livering breech presentations. When applied in the bis-iliac diameter damage

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is oil of theobroma. They melt very quickly. The patient is directed to lie

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through the hands of a number of men who did not suspect calculus.

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nancy. In this case the type and development of the foetus, and the sub-

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work to corroborate the theories he advances. It is therefore necessary

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takes place very rapidly and precipitately, while with boys this

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" sterilization ; " few of the ovisacs mature, as shown by the rare occurrence

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median line and the obstruction was found to be due to an ulcerated

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enza with sodium benzoate. This is confirmative of the observations made

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The earlier observers looked upon foreign bodies as the chief