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Retail Sites

Brigade Guarding GroupBrigade manage the security for a variety of retail outlets, from individual store, shopping complex, or retail park, it is our commitment to provide a safe and well organised environment, allowing an enjoyable shopping experience to take place potentially impacting positively on the clients turnover.

Brigade Guarding GroupWhether formally uniformed, or more discreetly attired, our officers fully understand the compliance of the undertaking, in order to provide the right level of visibility.

Our experience has shown that there are a variety of ways to best use the security officer other than a posting at the entrance to the premises. All of our officers at retail premises receive
specific training for the sites with
emphasis on the following key areas:

  • Safety and protection of the staff
  • Safety and protection of your customers
  • Protection of your merchandise
  • Protection of your cash
  • Protection of your building, its fixtures and fittings.

The officer will be fully compliant with the required actions should the suspicion of a theft have taken place and be trained in seeking the assistance from the authorities.

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