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Pomada Furacin Para Furunculo

and Diagnosis.— By William Allen Pcsey, A.M., M.D., Professor

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normal according to observations made upon bits of mucosa removed

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build and muscular development, what would constitute a

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kins UniviT-iity. lie leaves uiedieino for philoloji;y, and iiis

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commencement of esnidation, leeches, varying in num-

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ciency by very frequent visits on the part of myself or

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Geed, which are covered with thin scales, and which at first are sepaiate^

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pathologic cause. Laboratory technic and complete clinical

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* I have previovisly pul)lisli('(l two papers on this subject, one in the

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space covered by this condition was about two inches in

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child, according to an ancient principle of the common-law of this country,

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of a dual action of the brain seems to be borne out by her

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post mortem, save congestion of various internal organs, small extravasa-

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use of proper incclianical appliances, the progress of

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interdependent relation between the physical conditions and en-

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trices of the two punctures which had been made into it. At the seat of the

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no food was retained ever after. The only sustenance retained

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17. Treatment of Typlioid Fever. — JM. Becquerel, Jr., has lately presented to

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Rico, were probably more careful in carrying out the

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of human suffeinng and death would be vastly greater."

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the pedicle had been thoroughly exposed a strong catgut

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derived from the nature of the office each function fulfils, and

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excessive sweating and profuse bronchial secretion. Zinc

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the body and limbs. In the young infant, in whom the cranial bones are

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Bacteriology. General, Pathological, and Intestinal.

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Results, but when an equal quantity of turpentine is injected into

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genius Emperor Frederick II; of Henry III, King of England,

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phenomenon is minute crepitation, which may be audible during the whole

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operation because of the absence of the characteristic

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which has, with very few exceptions, been the practice

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in three or four places perforated by apertures each large enough to admit a pea.

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194. Mrs. Z., set. 40, Dec. 2, '99. Variety, spasmodic; dura-

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