Close Protection
Close Protection

Close Protection

Brigade Guarding Group

Protective Security

This is regarded as a security level and condition reached when individuals and or their activities are secured against a perceived threat. Brigade undertake threat evaluation on clients and their personnel to assess the level of a possible risk. Advice can then be given on how best "close protection" or "low level security" can be implemented, in order that any immediate threat can, once recognised, be reduced or eliminated.

Brigade Guarding GroupThe solution can be adapted for any type of client in any given scenario. Whether high profile "captains of industry", or celebrities and film stars, who may prefer a much lower profile exposure of security, you can rest assured that Brigade will provide the right solution.

In some instances a "security blanket" can be provided for clients, from which platform they can portray a high profile, safe in the knowledge that all security measures are covered. This service is not limited to the protection of individuals, it can also be made available for commerce and valuable residential property.

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