Accreditation Brigade Guarding

Accreditation Brigade Guarding

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Rare Case of Complicated Labour. — Mr Allan has related a
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recollection of what took place in her melancholy moments.
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clinically sharp and positive for the years 1910, 1911, and 1912,
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monly attended with coldness of the lower extremities, gene-
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the 16th, when inflammation returned with excruciating pain,
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healthy recruits. The incidence of lumbago among recruits subject to minor
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cian. The effect was to raise a swelling in the place of the-
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to left hypochondrium. This pain increased on following day. Gradual
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surrounding these fibrous bands contained many regenerating
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States shows that the disease is still decreasing at a rapid rate. Every
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less severity, this being especially usual in the cases where there
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nothing like that variety which we find in different parts of the
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mechanisms, or, to use a better-known term, are ' irritative symptoms '.
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The common bile-duct was incised and twelve calculi removed from it.
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strated tliat the serum has a definite antitoxic action on the toxin
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issues in the process it is because the patients come very soon to
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The authors believe that many of the antiferments will lose their place in
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the shoulders as if it had been attached to the trunk by muscle
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examined in 200 cases, and no difference was detected in the number of
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in adult or old age. This would apparently account for the almost
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This observation appears to justify the proposed separation from the
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certainly other factors involved. We were particularly struck
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Tests for hepatic function and disease under experimental conditions, 17()
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paralysis is too limited to give definite results. One patient with
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tubes were apparently sterile at the end of ten days' incubation,
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had not suffered from this condition more than once. Leegaard suspects
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Membranes of the Bronchia. — M. Nauche has remarked that, in