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Accreditation Brigade Guarding

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Gynecology. By Charles H. May, M.D. Philadelphia: Lea
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ical Society, Corresponding Member of the IJelgian Gynae-
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time and strength just as generously as she did in the
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some time the swelling gradually disappears, and there may be distinct
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also the ooly operator that ever introduced two Murphy
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Dr. McLeod married, December 10, 1837, Sarah Boice, daughter
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polymyositis and polyneuritis (q. v.). Clinically, the appearance of poly-
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only met with hyperpyrexia (a temperature of over 105 F.)
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ical observation of over half a century. Three hundred and
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medicines which appeared to be more closely indicated.
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learned, intellectual, keenly perceptive, accurate of judgment,
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invited to give clinics in London, Paris, Berch Sur Mer, France, and
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reading, and keeps well informed in a wide range of intel-
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and Rachel (Olmstead) Armstrong. In 1864 his parents removed to
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Fanny Bicknell, both his parents being descended from
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in cases of hysteria. The whites of her eyes were turned up,
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A. Salls, M.D., has removed from Quincy to Marlborough, Mass., having pur-
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Austin Flint of present Xew York City and State Medical associa-
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Surgery" (Jnl. of the Amer. Med. Asso., February, 1903); "The
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rational method of treatment which it represents. That our
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phosphates. I then applied the microscope, and, to my sur-
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To those who are at all interested in the history and statistics of
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"Water for Infants. — There are many upon whom the idea does
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ing, the will, in the cure of disease, they first distinguish what
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peau then sat down, and the two discussed and arranged the pro-