Personnel Brigade Guarding Group
Personnel Brigade Guarding Group


Brigade Guarding Group
Brigade adhere completely to the demands laid out in the new revised security personnel act. Our staff are recruited after undergoing the following vetting procedure.
  • Verification of employment records.
  • Confirmation of references and personal data.
  • Examination of service records.
PersonnelIt is no understatement that our security officers are the company`s most valuable resource and as such the lengths the company will go into in order that the right candidates are put in the positions are very detailed. Our painstaking search and selection procedure directly creates a stable presence. Our recruitment policy has historically caused enviable retention statistics within the industry.

During an initial interview other background information is asked for, should this interview prove promising then Brigade will take the process a stage further. It is our intention to recruit the best available personnel, this often requires employment from outside the industry, a practice which is encouraged in order that Brigade then have the opportunity of placing the recruit on courses designed to improve their range of skills.

PersonnelOnce considered as a potential candidate, individuals are subjected to tests to further determine their suitability. These will include establishing the levels of physical fitness, mental alertness and overall aptitude.

During basic training provision is made for acquiring the relevant skills and the obtaining the background knowledge on a particular assignment. As a shared resource it is imperative that the guard becomes familiar with your operation. Our commitment is to provide personnel that are courteous and well presented. A trusted and respected individual, who can seamlessly intergrate within your operation.

Brigade has an enviable reputation in retaining personnel. In an industry noted for its high employee turnover we take pride in the knowledge that, having invested heavily in our personnel, they see us as a company providing a worthwhile career progression. In several instances we have promoted personnel from within to senior management roles.

In offering solid long-term prospects we can, in this way, reward committed and motivated individuals. It is our known practice throughout the industry to always offer better than average paid conditions for our security officers.