Accreditation Brigade Guarding

Accreditation Brigade Guarding

Brigade Guarding

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the fact. He intended shortly to urge upon the Board of
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Presidents: Henry Barnes, M.D.; Henry Handford, M.D
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be. Penalties under one statute or another could therefore
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severe outbreak of small-pox, owing, it'would seem, largely
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nursing of sick inmates by trained nurses only, and in suffi-
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wade through the columns of scurrility and misstatement and
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Brigade-Surgeon Staples and Mr. Macnamara afterwards
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manifested a praiseworthy disposition to comply with the
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Although it is clear tliat the hot-water pipes have been
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that " the midwives were instructed in the use of antiseptics,
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the spleen due to abdominal injury, and pointed out that the-
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a tender condition of the nerve endings is alone recognisable,
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lymphatic glands, the spinal cord, the lungs, the heart and
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ment. Into an ordinary stall a circular back is fixed of white
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* In this table the period of optional vaccination ^begins with 1847, not
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it be made of thick rubber, it will answer the same purpose
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colonial Surgeon of the Gambia, will shoitlybe transferred to Fiji, as one
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