Accreditation Brigade Guarding

Accreditation Brigade Guarding

Brigade Guarding

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which affect many persons at the same time. The term denotes any
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without external cause, during the wakeful state. Dr. Huxley says,
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MILK-FEVER. Febris laclantium. An aggravated form of the
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Substances obtained from the minei-al world, destitute of the organs
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B.Vni, CHEMICAL. An apparatus for modifying and regulating
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2. Insensible caloric, formerly supposed to be latent or combined, is
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PTISAN (TiTto-ai/i;, from TrTto-cru), to pound or peel). Barley-
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to sleep for the first time in many days. May 12 : 4
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the lens, and consisting of numerous little folds or plica), arranged in a
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of food is spoken of as Starchy Food. Irish potatoes,
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1938, the blood creatinine was 2.9 per cent and twenty-
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occupying an intermediate place between the class of alcohols of which
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hybrids; cox-algia, stern-algia; muco-cele, scroto-cele, varico-
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3. Suhcutaneoics ncevi. A term applied by Wardrop to na;vi which
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albuminous substance distinguished from albumen of the egg and of
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the end of this period he began to look for activities,
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ISCH.ffi'MIA (lo-vtu, to check, aiga, blood). An arrest of blood.
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1. Pulmonary Consumption. Of the Atlantic Islands, Madeira ; in
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FIBRO'MA (fibra, a fibre). An unclassical term for a disease in
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'to which the term was at first restricted, suggested the name from their
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[CA'RPUS] (sapTrov). The wrist; consisting of the ossa carpi,
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CO'CA. Ypada. The leaf of the Erythroxylon coca, a pki.t in
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neutral carbo-hydrogens, as benzoZc, ocnantho/c, &c.
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Syrup of Figs is delightful to the taste, and may be taken by every one, from
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SUMMER-FEVER. A term suggested by Dr. Pirrie instead of'
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^ TNI ON (Iv'tov, the nape of the neck ; from tc, ivdv, a sinew). The
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I relaxation. 2. The term is sometimes used synonymously with the
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tumor, occurring in various parts of the body, sometimes on the brain.
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nor overtaoo the digestive functions, and can be taken for an indefinite period when the
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TAILING OP MERCURY. An expressive term for the peculiar
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fresh, good buttermilk is one of the best special diets