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Accreditation Brigade Guarding

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His condition on the 12th of July was as follows :— Intellect dull ; frame

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footing in relation to his patients, while at the same time

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clams, followed usually by a meat soup, fish and roast

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furious; he was permitted to enjoy the privilege of walking in the hall un-

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3 patients died from the operation, which were accountable

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3, 1901 ) yet three times death has occurred within three weeks

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changes in the nervous system. They include especially

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and is oftener without than with a covering, shedding

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or even two pints may be slowly injected at one time, and if

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very distressing symptoms covering a period of more

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sentative business men of San Francisco have in this,

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of taking good care of themselves, hold out against diabetes much

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fetid; sleep disturbed; appetite various; can take hearty food for several

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36 ♦GaatrojeJunoBtomy In Gastrlectasls. A. H. Cordler.

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in materia medica science and, in a resolution offered

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instance, measles, chicken-pox, scarlet fever, whooping-

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Recovery of a Nein-Boni Child, supposed stillborn and actually

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lowed, as his model, his illustrious master. We are informed by the able

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1837. died recently at his home in Halifax. Nova Scotia, from

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669,336. Local application of electric treatment to the human

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lowing extremes of temperature : Case 572, 10 degrees >

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termed congestive typhus. The effects of this imperfect aeration, depend-

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ate kidneys after Harris' method. The separate urine analyses

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without increasing her danger, her suffering can be in a considerable

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normal ; pain on pressure and constant boring sensation over

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such interference, but should not be postponed so long

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tedious healing by granulation, keloid occupied the greater

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Blows on the epigastrium even with the fist, or kicks from a horse, have

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1881, who practiced for several years in Nashville, and then

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light on the mooted questions of leprosy. It was my

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elevate society and soften and improve the condition of humanity.

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of the Lyceum of Natural History, New York ; Member of the Academy of Natural

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the free use of the superior and inferior extremities.

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amount of inosite excreted in the urine of Moslems patient would

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fession the best that can be expected of such a body. When

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to have been relieved by the operation, had returned, together

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Case S.- — February 6, Lum Hong Yuin, autopsy made in Main

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important influence "which anatomical knowledge exercises in securino- for

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3. Nothnagel : Deutscher ArcblT f. Kiln. Med., Bd. xxIt.

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tension."* 5. Habitual constipation. The first four

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The other two cases detailed by M. Fleury were similar to this, and met

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though the head remained high in the pelvis; vertex presenting, and so far