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Accreditation Brigade Guarding

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Dr. S. Jackson disapproves of vaccination before the fourth month.

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the congestion. With intense engorgement of the organ there are usually

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They were given intravenously from 1 to 3 cc. of a bouillon culture of virulent

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agents is not sufficient; proper attention must be paid to hygienic measures.

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the paroxysms of extreme difiiculty of breathing, had been less

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ment of Pennsylvania. Both of these documents are now in the

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has been cleaned by washing with water, alcohol, and ether, and dried by pass-

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achieved, the dose should not be altered but should be continued for

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Etiology. — It may be caused within the skull by blood extravasations,

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1 Gay, F. P., and Claypole, E. J., Arch. Int. Med., 1913, xii. 621.

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lateral side of left lung at intercostal space; normal precardial dullness; no ten-

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matism is not one single disease, that is, a disease

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treatment should be given in order to insure a daily stool. After

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The next morning I directed an enema of one quart of linseed tea.

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When metastatic abscesses develop in the joints and internal organs, the

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largement of the mesenteric glands have been usually regarded as

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virulent tonsillitis is treated at the beginning of

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foreleg buds. In No. 5 all died between the 14th and 16th days and

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below the third rib; on the left frontal apex and right lateral apex rales were heard;

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them as infants, and make a habit of over-reaching them, are well

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The whole of the 262 patients were brought to the hospital with

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and disease is robbed of its power, death of im terror,