Accreditation Brigade Guarding

Accreditation Brigade Guarding

Brigade Guarding

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MuNHO, A. C, M.B. (Renfrew County Council). The Notification of Measles,

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for the patient^s age. It does so for a few hours only, but if the appli-

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liypodermically might be most useful on account of the con-

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Ophthalmolooical Society of the Fnited Kingdom, 8.30 p.m.—

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cases of death occurring after a short period of high fever are due alto-

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cal writers stated that those who apparently escaped infection did

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Ddke. -Alex .FRCP The Value of Crude Boracic Acid in the Treatment

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ment caused by Gartner's Bacillus enteritidis. This organism has been

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be feasible and might be advisable to treat many other

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the plethismograph applied to the limbs, the oncograph enclosing

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cases. My sole object in publishing these cases is to call

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Harrison, James, M D.Edin., D P.H., appointed Honorary Surgeon,

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though why so is difficult to eiplain, except on the same principle,

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fined. Thus, excess in tobacco deranges the action of the heart, and it

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tubercular nature, and at the present time it is well-established that

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purpo-e a sura of £10,0"0 New £,'5 Per Cent, Annuities was transferred to

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Ellis, F.R.C.S.Ed.; A. Bronner, M.D. Honorary Secretaries:

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disease. The primary origin, however, of bronchitis from the skin is

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committee not to interfere with the present state of affairs was reversed

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vertical or directly up and down. On percussion the note is everywhere

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going the round of the papers to the effect that the labours

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eggs, which attain their development in the solid organs of the infected

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diabetes ceased, to be immediately succeeded by extensive gangrene

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of the proposed site that it can be indefinitely extended

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I earnestly suggested this appointment to the Shipping

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are so because, being always partial in their effects, they may stimulate

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tilages gradually disappear and bony outgrowths, in time, produce

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pulse tracing taken from a healthy house-surgeon illustrating

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guano from oflF the coast of Peru, had his hand bruised by a cask as it

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in acute colitis, and is then most commonly due to throbbing of the

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daily luncheon will be served. The Reception Room will be

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despite all this knowledge, we still remain in ignorance of the exact

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business : Minutes ; Report of Council ; Treasurer's Report ; Election of

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in the direction of an attack on the medical officer ; that the