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Accreditation Brigade Guarding

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tion which has a sour and disagreeable odor. Acute pain in the

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would have recovered in tents by the seashore, or in the pine

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Senator : Article on Gout. Ziemssen's Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine,

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long occupied, he seems to have been less deeply in-

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mation of the endocardial lining is always secondary to a prior in-

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1825 the Trustees of the College had presented a me-

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some form, and the iodide of potash. Mercury has a specific action

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Atropia given in doses of y-J^ of a grain usually gives satisfactory

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is, in some degree, an almost constant concomitant of granular kidneys,

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After this protracted survey we find ourselves again facing the

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bi-urates. But whence this morbid facility? The question remains

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paratus gives rise to the phenomena of thermogenesis, and the general

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Regents soliciting such amendment of the charter as

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or who are otherwise unfitted for the dangers and hardships of cer-

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to assist favorably the dilating process, for it is often noticed that

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Archiv fur mikroskopische Anatomie, lii. Bonn, 1870.

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France are highly esteemed for their resolvent power. Many of the

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effectually of the sugar molecule for the time being. There is a field

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warm water. Also tickle the throat with the finger. The stom-

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The movements of the joint are greatly limited, and in the earlier

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vous disorder occur. Painful menstruation and ovarian tenderness

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nephritis in a man aged twentv-six years is reported by Gassmann,^ in which

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and in contracting, squeeze the blood out of the internal hollow

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which act upon the albuminoids may occasionallj^ gain entrance to

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But, in spite of the fact that very many of the cerebral accidents

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impaired. Other symptoms are pain, dread of the light and colored

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derive great comfort from flannel sheets on their beds at night, par-

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most energetic treatment is required. If these efl'orts are successful

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dition. It is not easy to determine where health ends and dis-

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very unusual feature in rheumatic cases, but winch has been noticed

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diminished as to urates. They are precipitated among the tissues,

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des Coliques hepatiques"), Senac has collected 166 cases of which

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curable ten daj's or a fortnight hence as it is to-day. For inflamma-

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Mix. Take a level teaspoonful in water each night and morning.