Accreditation Brigade Guarding

Accreditation Brigade Guarding

Brigade Guarding

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on the Baltic station, touching the social status of

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Leprosy. XI. Heredity -t'ersits Environment in Leprosy.

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room, I heard, coming from the reception room, what ap-

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scapegoats of the transmission agents seriously, for

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that the first five or six years of life are the most

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neural ori^j-in. It would seem that total removal of

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history of the case is obtained, a provisional diag-

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slightest disturbance in the way of any serious com-

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dered the result incomplete and unsatisfactory. An-

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ity is greatest the higher up the lesion occurs. In

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deavor to drive out the bad spirits which had taken

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Diphtheria in New York State in 1909. — The total

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each and every manifestation of all hip injuries of

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of the general practitioner of the proper technique

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class of patients and the usual run of cases in our

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to locate the pain, if any, and with the exception of the

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State, and Federal prevention of infant mortality will be

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the actual mechanism by which the parasites are de-

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11. The Spinal Cord Lesions in Two Cases of Pernicious

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rior to any treatment that they have hitherto tested,

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left Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, with the nth Cavalry

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Dr. Lewis H. Adler, Jr. ; directors. Dr. Oscar H. Allis, Dr.

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common experience with every man to look for a rupture of the

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cured of her venereal disease, which is contagious,

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Navy, it is proposed to provide ample space for separate

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clearing up the aetiology of diseases in which syph-

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