Accreditation Brigade Guarding

Accreditation Brigade Guarding

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by their mechanical action ; and Dr. Mead thus gives his theory :—

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Medical Miscellany. — A malignant fever has been very fatal to the

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The trial of all lymph, to test its activity prior to issue, would be the

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than in the colon. But if these ulcerations be ascribed to inflammation,

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iii. 1897.— Jendrassik. Rev. de inidccine, xxi. 1901.

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of the beneOpial iDfluence produced by prompt and efficient medical as-

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that ultimately the whole upper arm, and portions of the muscles over

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If the patient can swallow, twenty grains may be given by the mouth and

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or may be enclosed in sterilised gauze and used as a pad or plug. Possibly

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of Dr. Graves, of the Meath Hospital, Dublin, which seem to be the

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quadriceps in this position produces a forward movement of the foot.

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never fails to irritate and weaken the system, and thus to derange the

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purposes without interference, as to show to what extremes such igno*

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apt to make our applications to the part or organ which seems partico-

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transient, but judged by the principles underlying all operative wOrk in

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the appearance of window-bars, and the* fatigue of the service. In

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chance of the physician receiving anything for his trouble ; and, if he

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and extreme old age. Occasionally they are congenital.

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sense of that word, and as very unlike that of certain editors of certain