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Accreditation Brigade Guarding

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numerous white tubercle-like nodules, some single, smaller than a

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has been m ide in the dark, without certainty, and by guessings, experiments, and

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Casb 3. — Chorea ; diseased clavicle ; fibrinous deposits on t\e hearts

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in tho cause. I kept my mind constantly upon the subject, at all hours, whether

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Schmidt, Freidreich, Kekule, and himself, that the so-called

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in curves. They develop from spores, which may be active or inactive

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To give an idea of the inlluence exerted by woman upon the character and des-

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series. This girl was received for treatment in March, 1916,

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* With reference to such lesions in connection with chorea and chorea-like symp*

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blindness, containing two pigments which will be distinguished by

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finger-nails blue. Joints stiJQf; fingers closely contracted, and

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will or law, and as something which thousands are forced to look upon as their

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of occasional twitching. She slept for two hours ; on waking she took

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and thousands of others have implanted in their systems the seeds of a slow consump-

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true for striated, it is also true for unstriped muscular fibre. In

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The seieme of psychology may be divided into two divisions — one of which acts

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rule, and no relation to the kind of food she eats. She has had

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undergo, and for the diflSculties that it will often thus throw in

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thread through, and fixing the Larynx, (Wien. Med. Woch., No.

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the conjunctiva, of the lacrymal organs, of the cornea,

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of the illness has continued. The same plan as before was

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which the co-existence of active irido-cyclitis involved the possibility

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in all stages of development, from the spore to the mature filamoit.

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to show that the nutrition of the patient should be striven for

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entirely extraneous factor, such as ingestion of spoiled or unripe

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instruments which of late years have been brought very promi-

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the great importance of light to give a healthy and beautiful growth to his

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among us from 32 to 60 per cent., in the course of a few years, while in foreign

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Bollett, and others, by whom the muscles are supposed to be

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