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Does Carafate Work For Gerd

KIDNEY, COARSE. The name given to a stage in the disease

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nized as one of the problems of the course of the disease.

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entero-axial, total, partial, anterior, posterior, sec-

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the foetal state, as those of the head, the eye-brow, the eve-lash ; pili

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The Eighty-Fifth Annual Session will begin October 1st, 1891, and

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earned, received and due in any quarter. Sample pages

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Dwmed w.ter J6 " ^ \ Salicylic Acid ....:,w.i-4 " I L W I tW j l It Is pleasant to the Taste and I

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vice, they hasten the day when the child will have a

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Indigestion and Constipation are said to be greatly relieved and very often conquered by continued

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WRISBRRG, NERVE OP. Another name for the lesser internal

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over the country to demonstrate that there is no great

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(1.) Montpellier, the high and exposed situation of which renders it

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A LATENT (Za<cre, to lie hid). A terni applied to rfweases of which

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LA'MINA. Literally, a small plate of any metal. A term applied

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thoroughly and the entire meal made of this one dish.

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O'BVOLUTE [obvolutus, wrapped over). A term applied to a form

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of salt-radical and basyl, as hydrochloric acid, protochloride of tin, &c.

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of Diphtheria, and the Treatment by Peroxide of Hydrogen." A>w York Medical Record.

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apex of the hiatus until the caudal needle is inserted fully.

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cause much sickness every year among children ; indeed,

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cleaned with boiling water, and then treated as in the preparation ot

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1. IUar(f’s Essence for Headache. This is nothing more than the

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meal. It is so generally the custom to eat bread or

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in the complicated and confusing problem of strabismus,

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one sees an overly ambitious intern, who feels these

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The nitrates were formerly called “ nitres,” and then we had potash-

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DESqUAM A'TION (de, from, sqttama, a settle). Erfoliation. The

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Hydatid cysts, of the lungs, 909 ; of the brain, 1.

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appetite, there are two distinct INDICATIONS. One is to subserve the

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TA'MPICIN. The name given to Tampico jalap resin.' By the

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on the neutr.alization of the free carbonic acid, contained in the water,

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disabling of the nerves in the limbs of one side). Paresis; liesolutio

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and a prostatic third lobe as large as the last joint of