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Accreditation Brigade Guarding

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What Is Detrol Lx

^ Nouvelle Iconographie de la Salprtrii^re, 1900, xiii, 41, 184, 243.
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often irr^ular, owing to the areas of erosion. In other cases the cartilage
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" itlidut any disturbance of the beat, iiiid in all animals the administration
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difficulty being in the lower extremities. If the trunk muscles are attacked,
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In one of the cases with this syndrome, the patient complained of a frequent
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tion of iodine in potassic iodide (Lugol's solution), some of them stain a dark
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Iocs alTcct (he heart diiriiiir muscular exercise, it must act li> inhibitniu'
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auditory centres, as by oedema, toxic overirritation, or possibly minute
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of twenty and forty years; only 4 or 5 cases have been reported in which
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till' usiiiulii' pii'ssiiii's ul' till' siiluliiiiis nil till- two siirTaci's ul' ihc iiii'iii
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culosis of the kidney. The study of these cases suggested that if the kidney
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few symptoms present very serious destructive processes are going on, and,
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■' -.iiiril to tlie oriirin of tlic heat in a normally heatiii!: niaiiimalian heart,
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production of the whitish areas and the hemorrhages is not to be overlooked.
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great importance of obtaining some of the secretion by massage or stripping
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So I'ai- it lias liccn inipossililc to pi-cpai'c cn/.ymcs in a pnrc stato al
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gence in the way of food and drink, heredity, with excessive mental and ner-
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nlis are flat. Kach transverse jirocess from aliove downward is tilted a
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before he has noted sjnmptoms of gravity sufficient to induce him to consult