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Security Consultants

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Brigade GuardingDuring the initial consultancy period we meet with the potential client to assess and qualify their needs. This ensures Brigade offer what we consider to be a best practice bespoke solution. In adopting such a practice the client can be certain that Brigade have taken due care and consideration to provide the most effective advice and moreover solution for your company.

We engage in a practical site survey resulting in the publication of a full proposal document. Communication between the appointed guards, the client and head office is a cornerstone of the company, the feedback is monitored and analysed by a key member of staff to ascertain whether improvements can be made to the current level of service.

The rapid growth of the company is due to many reasons, our track record of reliability is undoubtedly a key reason to our current and future success. By adhering to our straightforward set of protocols we believe this reputation can only be further enhanced.

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