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Brigade Guarding GroupA security guard can often be the first point of contact within an organisation. As potentially a customer facing role the guard must execute his duties efficiently and in a highly professional manner. However, all Brigade`s guards are encouraged to provide more than a basic level of service. We demand not only high levels of personal appearance, with the client indicating their preference on uniform, but that our staff become familiar with the nature of the clients business and work with the client within the framework of their business. Vigilance, reassurance and reliability form the bed rock of the company`s service.

Recently commercial security has taken on increased significance. Officers now need to be aware of an ever increasing level and variety of threat. There needs to be an awareness of all the dangers to the client`s staff and property especially during times of vacancy.

It is possible, with the right approach, to view the inclusion of a security officer as having a positive effect on you business. The sense of security and safety staff can gain can be seen as very beneficial to a company`s sense of wellbeing. The officer can be seen as a focal point for advice and awareness on all safety and security issues.

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