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Chloramphenicol Otic Solution

great amelioration in pigeons rendered ataxic by a slight
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The period of incubation also is much shorter in warm climates. In
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4. Lastly, urethral caruncle in tlie female often simulates
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however, no irritant agents, such as ammonia, should be tried, because
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A dijBFerent condition sometimes occurs at this early stage which
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death before the characteristic eruption appears. We may, therefore,
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of an artery, of fibrin, and this may be dislodged, so that it will closely
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to the inside of the drain but only to the outside, the pipe-
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velop in chorea, their relationship to rheimiatism is imdoubted.
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at first be neglected by the patient until revealed to him by their con-
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Sir,— The profession owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Atthill for
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perature, with a general aching in the back and limbs, should lead us
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that the processes in blood making are essentially the same throughout
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arately characteristic of each form, that it becomes plain that in
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Tested by this principle, epilepsy cannot be defined as a convulsive
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vested with a stroma of connective tissue. These tubules are of three
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of what I was doing before him. Hence, loss of consciousness, because
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^t.ite. 0\ the other hand, the abdominal cramps are just as specific
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Most authorities whom I have consulted agree in recom-
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in the l.iri::er uhers just described the cicatricial contraction may
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used so early in the disease that its efl&cacy is not equal to that of the
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and unmistakable in its symptoms that its diagnosis is not difficult.
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inflammatory exudates may be absorbed, on the same principle that a
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ethmoid bone. That this is so I am daily more convinced;
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mention of surgery. This work is divided into five parts, of
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(Chemistry), £1,828; Isaac Bavley Balfour (Botany), £l,5l.'i : James Cossar
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and the alarm was immediately raised. The part taken by
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pseudo-cyst in tlie previous case, in the part of the gro.wt)^
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an inflamed bladder, notably in the chronic cystitis of elderly j>atients
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It is only, therefore, when we have set these colonic symptoms aside
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frequently, repeating the cocaine drops at intervals of an
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speaks of enteralgia as the most terrible of all neuralgias. He de-
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other external derangements of the secretions, continued till her death
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vated on some media it assumes the formation of a streptococcus.
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Hexham and Corbridge. — There are beautiful places west of
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who had it severely for three months. In my own case I seem to be
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April the sum of £288 6s. was paid to those members who
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Offoed, Jas. Albert, L.R.C.P., M.R.C S., appointed Assistant Medical
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quently described, both the walls of the vesicles and the interstitial
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diagnosis of their tuberculous nature, but which proved, on microscopic
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taining dark grumous fluid. Apoi)lexy of the adrenals has been sev-
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and primarily vaccinated, we hope to place before our readers