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it with the fact I have just alluded to viz. that there may

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Cited as poisonous by Orfila in his Traite des Poisons.

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apparently similar circumstances. He would merely instance Sandown. In

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marked general infection with a very marked local one

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Principle pervious light in texture and inexpensive yielding a perma

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posterior vessels from the region of the circumvallate

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by the permanent irritation of the bronchus by a foreign

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toxic except two in which extraction had been carried out under

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state of the vessels of the brain and its membranes and the frequency

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performance of work that is to say the fatigued person on attempting

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and condemned himself to a low and ignorant class of associ

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isthmus is about mm. wide. The interruption is ventrad of the

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tumor encapsulating and dividing the tumor into lobules are

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The idea that tuberculosis is an infectious disease

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produces marked changes in the entire brain. By the third day

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large cells which are so numerous in the acute cases have

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which was accidentally the suitable remedy were Homceopathie. Thus for

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ulcerative endocarditis can be discovered by changes in the heart

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side to side you can easily distinguish the preternatural

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inflammatory effusions into the pleural sac as we find that haemorrhagic

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service. This work also excludes the work done by the patient

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of small abscesses. The connective tissue thus developed usually

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women seldom go to the full period of gestation and even

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the average. The amount of rain that has fallen in each of thesame

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This is the common bed bug poison and is often taken by

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logically remains static until thirty to ninety days post par

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Our attention has been called by a correspondent to the column in the

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to the richest Marls of Maryland South Carolina and

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I am sure that with these hints Dr. Ransom is skilful enough to


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