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insane is due directly to a kind of chronic or slow inflammation commenc-

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associated with graft-versus-host disease in recipients of bone-marrow transplants.

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more judgment and care than in deciding when it is necessary to interfere

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any quality of oil — astringent, rubefacient, anjes-

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tion of a scab ; when this separates, the remedy can be applied again if

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agement sufficed in a short time to remove all this dis-

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the student of medicine will gain from it a solid sub-

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lar contagion is instrumental in producing the anaemia, and

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ing its handle and gently pushing the sound onward, it enters

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spreading to a certain distance, however, further extension may be

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few years ago at Bellevue Hospital had one kidney re-

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He was ably supported in 1784 by Hendy, who, in a subsequent' treatise

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It is evident that a knowledge of the nature of the disease

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ways within the body to the disturbance of function. Just how heat

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ways within the body to the disturbance of function. Just how heat

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tion and distribution of the abnormally white to that of the normal tint,

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1. The gouty kidney is often functionally deficient.

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bodies both against the spirochetes obtained in 1917 and those of the

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Per volume: Cloth, $5.00 net; Sheep or Half Morocco, ^6.00 net.